It’s Funny Now


I am really loving my new job.  The work is great, lovely environment and fabulous people who I know will now be friends forever.  I have been working there for 8 months but given I am only part time it actually only equates to 3 months.  So we are all still new friends getting to know each other and sharing little pieces of ourselves each week – the good, the bad and the funny. For whatever reason, two of us were talking the other day and started sharing our all-time cringe worthy, embarrassing moments.  We ended up crying with laughter.  So as I sit here today, still feeling less than average, I thought why not try and keep things light and I will retell the same story to you.

Andrew and I have been together since I was 20 years old and in those early years we lived together in quite a few townhouses in and around Adelaide until we bought our first home.   It was a lovely maisonette in Torrensville.  It had high, ornate ceilings, polished floorboards and a huge open plan kitchen.  We were so happy there.   Interest rates were fluctuating a lot back then so we locked in our home loan at 17.5 percent!!! Crazy now hey?  Anyway we didn’t go out a lot the first year we lived there.  We were keen on saving money – we had a mortgage after all, crazy in love and happy to just be together at home.

So when we did go out they were BIG nights.  Lots of drinks, cigarettes, fast food – you all know the drill I’m sure. After one such night I wasn’t feeling overly well (I am sure it was something I ate J) and I was backwards and forward to the toilet which was a bit of a hike.  Picture a very long hallway with a tiny toilet at the very back of the house.  Anyway eventually I started to feel better and I got up to get a drink of water.  Andrew decided he needed a drink too and followed me down the hallway.  I was completely nude and very trim, taut and terrific at that time. So knowing he was following me I was giving my best, sexy walk – picture Victoria Secrets Angels or the like lol.

Conversation went something like this..

A: “Looking good.”

L: “I know it.  Glad you know it you lucky man!”

A: ”But Lory, what the hell is that there?”

L: “What where?”

A: “Is that toilet paper stuck on your arse?”

I turn around and yep.  OMG.  Three pieces of toilet paper stuck to my behind flailing in the breeze that I was creating doing my exaggerated sexy walk.  I was mortified.  It was still early days in our relationship for me to think that this was remotely funny, I was dying inside, but I pretended to think it was hilarious.  Andrew did not need to pretend anything.  He laughed all the way to the kitchen.  And back.  And the next day.  And the next evening.

He is laughing again tonight at the memory.   Me too.

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