On All The Days

On some days,On those days, On all the days,I just miss the old days.By LoryBe Hey Dad, It’s been a long time between chats.  Six years on the 28th of June to be precise.  Six long years that feel like forever. You have missed so much.  Jesse’s 21st, Matthew’s 18th & 21st and of course […]

21 years of Matthew

A new look blog and I am back. Look forward to sharing again all things that matter to me with you. This month I am posting what I read at my youngest sons 21st on Saturday. Had a few guests suggest that it would be a good one to share. Hope you all enjoy reading […]

The Sun has gone behind the Clouds

The sun has gone behind the clouds. A bunch of big, rain-filled thunder clouds. The ones that roll in as a storm approaches. That’s how I am feeling anyway – along with a zillion others too I’m sure. Many of us connected by our sadness at lack of connection; physical connection. This isolating, socially distancing, […]

It was a Winter’s Day

I woke up to the sound of light rain falling on the roof. I say wake up but I hadn’t been asleep for hours. Perhaps I just became aware of the rain as my mind started to focus on the day ahead. Out of bed I got, wrapped my dressing gown tight across my body […]

The Story of Us

“There are three kinds of friends: friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for a lifetime”. LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons; those things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have learned […]

Moving Out Not On

Jesse, my first born 22 year old son, is moving out of home. In two weeks. It’s been talked about now for quite a few months and finally a lovely red brick house not far from our home was found. He is moving in with his gorgeous girlfriend, Emma. I am happy for them both. […]

Bye For Now

After some thought, I have decided to close down my lorybe blog. I started it 18 months ago and I have enjoyed it so much.  You have all been so supportive of me, I am grateful to you all.  It has been a fantastic foray into writing and sharing my stories.   All of your comments […]

Where is Home?

Home.  Where is home? I have been thinking a lot about this.  I have had my Isle of Wight family over for a three week holiday.  What a fabulous time it was, and I was so sad for it to be over.   It was like a piece of Dad was with me again, and it […]

The Years are SO short

In his last year of High school, today will be Matthew’s last ever Sports Day.  My last one supporting on the sidelines was actually a few years ago. It seems in High school parents watching is not needed nor wanted.  “Mum, NO-ONE’S Mum comes.  We just hang with our friends.”  It got me reminiscing about […]

25 Years

It’s coming up for our 25th Wedding Anniversary next month.  Silver I believe, although white gold is lovely too ha.  I remember going out to dinner with my Mum and Dad to celebrate the same anniversary milestone for them and thinking what an achievement it was to be happily married for that LONG.  And now, […]