The Years are SO short

In his last year of High school, today will be Matthew’s last ever Sports Day.  My last one supporting on the sidelines was actually a few years ago. It seems in High school parents watching is not needed nor wanted.  “Mum, NO-ONE’S Mum comes.  We just hang with our friends.”  It got me reminiscing about the Sports Days where to have many family members watching was an actual requirement and enabled them to perform better for their “audience.”

Sports Day Photo Matthew

 Sports Day 2006 – Matthew.

In the early years both Mum and Dad came to watch the boys but as time went on poor Mum couldn’t sit or stand for that long so it became another treasured time with just me and Dad.  I know Dad not only loved this time with the boys, cheering loudly from the sidelines, but he also LOVED the attention from fellow school Mums as the majority of parents there were Mums and Grandmothers.  Seeing the boys run to their adored Pop so openly drew much admiration.  Dad basked in it.

Sports Day Photo Dad

2006 – Jesse, not competing due to a sore wrist, my Dad and Matthew. 

So, I was not surprised to feel a little emotional as Matthew left today without me, without Pop.  You see a client’s husband who came into work the other day came from Southampton, England and we have had a few conversations about my Dad and the Isle of Wight.  He sounds so much like my Dad and it’s really unsettled me.  Funny the things that set you off. What you hear and smell are such powerful, emotive triggers.  I hadn’t thought about how long it’s been since I heard his voice…………… much I miss it.

Also, for me, this school year seems to be flying by.  We have had Matthew’s school formal, Parent Teacher Interviews in just a few weeks (always a delight lol )and then the Year 12 school retreat.  BANG!  Term 1 done.  As Matthew got his driver’s license the day before school went back I am no longer required for drop-offs and pickups.  It is a very strange feeling.  A feeling of freedom – absolutely?  But also a feeling of becoming redundant.  Not in a bad way.  I think as he is the “baby” I just feel it more deeply.  With his own car, girlfriend and a huge circle of friends, he is out a lot now and it leaves Andrew and I sitting together with a glass of wine and Netflix, clinking our glasses together and saying, “Just you and me.  Aaagain!”  It is nice, weird, and quiet and takes some adjusting.  I am certainly not running around the house fist pumping and declaring, “We have our life back.”  I liked family life with my boys.  But I guess if he was home all the time and not going out I would be worried about that too.  So I will just fist pump the air when he comes home each night and enjoy that he is still young enough for a curfew.  And with cooler weather returning soon the regular Sunday roast dinner will be back.  A family night we can count on……………most of the time.

Anyway back to Sports Day. His house colour is blue so he and his friends were dressing up all things medical and there seems to be as much attention on “costume” as there is in practising for the events.  So Matthew left the house clad in blue scrubs, and looked very nice too……….a future Dr Fidgeon maybe?

And, after 12 years of sports days, he still set off with sunscreen applied and a good luck hug.  Some things don’t change.  (Fist pump!!!!)

Matthew Chandler Sports Day 2018

9th March 2018 – Matthew and Chandler, friends since they were 3 years old and the winners today – Boylan, their house won.  They popped home a few minutes ago before heading off to a party.  Apparently, no need for showers as they are all going to jump in the pool.  Oh dear.  



4 thoughts on “The Years are SO short

  1. Lory I related to this so very much. Although I still have a daughter Keeley in Year 10 I have experienced all these things you mention with my eldest daughter Kelsey. Now that she is off at Uni & I have sold my café I find myself ‘at home again mum’ & really notice the quiet when my girls aren’t there. I absolutely dread the time that I know will one day come where there won’t be my girls in the family home with me anymore, I gradually year by year keep feeling like I am becoming redundant so to speak. I just hope that how & what I have tried to instill in them in relation to how important Family is that they will always want to come home to Mum. Xx


    1. Thank you xx I think we feel like we “lose” them, just for a short time, but we don’t. We have instilled a sense of family and those ties will bind forever. Maybe, as in early years, there should be Mother’s Groups available for this stage too lol. More wine would be involved now I would think 🙂 I hope Kelsey is enjoying Uni.


  2. Chapters ending, changing times, but the expectation of new beginnings. No one warned us it would all fly past so quickly 🌈


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