Always and Forever

It will be two years on June 28th, 2017 since my Dad died. My every thought is consumed with memories of him.  Not just his last few days either, although they certainly play over and over in my mind.  I am just finding that when my mind wanders it is to thoughts of him.  I […]

Sliding Doors

I think we have all had a “sliding doors” moment.  A single decision that sends you on a certain path, and if but for that decision lives could have been different, changed or never even eventuated. I made a decision when I was 19 years old that has had everlasting effect and impact on my […]

Our Lucky Day

We all have moments of fear when it comes to our children.  When they run a high temperature in the middle of the night as a baby.  When they run in front of you as a toddler, a little too far away for comfort.  When they run on the football field and get knocked to […]

Starting Over

Have you ever had the thought or desire to change your job?  Start completely afresh somewhere else.  Do something different from anything you have ever done before?  Or maybe your time in your current job has come to an abrupt end and you can’t ever see yourself happy in any other workplace.  I imagine there […]

The Girls

Whenever I hear the words “the girls” it always reminds me of Sex in the City.  The scene in the final episode of the series when Big surprises Carrie with inviting “the girls” to their wedding reception.  He knew their wedding day would not be complete without her best friends there to share it.  The […]

Dad’s Girl

  It is nearly two years since I lost my Dad.  How can that length of time seem both like forever and yesterday?  How can I have total recall on conversations with him from 10 years ago but go over and over in my mind our last week together, trying to recall the “last things” […]

My Only Sunshine

I think most second born siblings; in particular, if they are the same sex, feel in the shadow of the older one at some stage during their lives.  So today I write about someone who shines so bright that I hope he knows that there is no shadow big enough to ever put him in […]

A few of my favourite things

It’s coming up for two long years without my Dad.  I think about him many times every single day.  A song, a joke, fathers and daughters together, a man walking his little white dog all have the ability to make my heart skip a beat and a lump form in my throat.  The pain of […]

It’s Funny Now

  I am really loving my new job.  The work is great, lovely environment and fabulous people who I know will now be friends forever.  I have been working there for 8 months but given I am only part time it actually only equates to 3 months.  So we are all still new friends getting […]

Dear Izzy

Dear Izzy I just can’t believe you are gone.  No warning.  Just a horrific few minutes last Thursday morning then silence.  Except for our cries of disbelief and anguish. The depth of grief we feel is all consuming.  I won’t talk about my three men and their grief.  It’s raw and visible and for them […]