Until Next Year

For my last blog for the year, it is only fitting that I start off by thanking all of you.  You who have supported my first foray into writing.  Be it with a heartfelt comment, sharing my stories with others, to sharing your personal stories with me, each one of you has spurred me on […]

The Best Advice

I read somewhere once that when someone seeks advice, they are actually looking for an accomplice.  That is probably true on some occasions.  Often by the time we ask for advice we have almost figured out our own answer, we just need someone else’s validation or to have someone agree with us. Advice is one […]

When the Teacher gets Taught

We are almost “done” in the teaching your kids to drive phase of our life. Well, I say done but my Mum, who hasn’t driven for 12 years, still has advice to offer me on occasion, so I guess parents never stop “teaching” when they are passengers in our cars. Our youngest son, Matthew, saved […]

Look Up

As you all know I have been having a bit of a love-hate relationship with social media.   Mainly love.  A lot of love.  But the little bit of hate I received made me take a big back seat from Facebook.  From Instagram.  The ripple effect of that was I used my phone just to text […]

Me Too

What are the most appreciated words of comfort? I am here. You are loved. You will be Ok. You are not alone. I think it is just two little words with big impact that bring the most comfort; they certainly have for me over the years.  When they are said, you find out you are […]

Laughing Out Loud

How good is it to laugh?  To laugh out loud till you can’t breathe anymore.  Or to try not to laugh when you know you are not supposed to but you can see your friend out the corner of your eye lose all their composure.  Or to laugh at the mere thought of a past […]

The Power of a Good Teacher

I have been thinking about the power of good teachers.  The kind that you remember for the rest of your lives and, whose words still have an influence on your life now.  One of my all-time favourite movies that portrays such an influence is Dead Poets Society.  Robin Williams brilliantly plays a character called John […]

Time To Be Happy Again

Seize the day.  Live in the moment. Things will only get better.  It could be worse. You are strong, you can handle it. I bet everyone has been on the receiving end of at least one of these statements.  Each one I have heard on more than one occasion over the last three years.    Well […]

Always and Forever

It will be two years on June 28th, 2017 since my Dad died. My every thought is consumed with memories of him.  Not just his last few days either, although they certainly play over and over in my mind.  I am just finding that when my mind wanders it is to thoughts of him.  I […]