Bye For Now

After some thought, I have decided to close down my lorybe blog. I started it 18 months ago and I have enjoyed it so much.  You have all been so supportive of me, I am grateful to you all.  It has been a fantastic foray into writing and sharing my stories.   All of your comments spurred me on, encouraged me, and gave me confidence in my ability to convey stories in a way you found so relatable.  That was my goal and I feel I achieved that.

I’m now going to put all my efforts into writing a book.  Many of you have suggested that I do this over the years and I feel that the time is right.  It will, of course, be autobiographical and I promise it will be as open and honest as I have always tried to be.

I will pour my heart and soul into this book so it will require all of my “free” time of which I seem to have more of late. The boys continue to live their best lives more independently each day and, for one, abroad temporarily.  I’m thinking this next phase of life ain’t so bad after all.  Time – the most valuable of commodities.   In my teenage years and early twenties, I wasted so much time. When the boys were little there was never enough time.  As my Mum and Dad grew older I was aware of running out of time…….and then run out we did with the loss of Dad.  We race from job to job struggling to be on time.  So maybe for the first time in a really long time, I have time just for me.

I think this year is one of great change.  Finally, I feel I am getting some distance between significant life events that impacted for so long.  We all have our bucket of shit to deal with and, believe me, it comes to us all at some stage, but I’d like to think mine is almost behind me.

I will keep my Facebook page open for my poems and to be able to let you all know the progress of my book.

I’ll be back, might just be a while.

Love Lory xx

6 thoughts on “Bye For Now

    1. Thanks, Cathy. Every comment and message you have sent the past 18 months has been so appreciated. You have often given me the boost I needed to keep on sharing xx


  1. The next stage for you. Very exciting for you – and your readers. Can’t wait to read it. Well done on following your intuition 💕🌈😘


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